Can’t clean every toilet in the city.

March 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello, my dear forlorn blog.

I have nothing to write to you today, simply my intentions to write in you again. On the teevee, a lady with glowy hands is saving the Doctor, even though he didn’t kill Hitler. Went to the job today, hoo boy. There may be an end in sight, but the in-between is where the stress lives. There was an hour of time that managed to not exist the other night, and as a result, I get to have daylight when I get home. Anni moved in to the little house in the back yard, and we’re planting a garden to go with our board games. Something to do with that extra hour of daylight. Didi and I had a veggie burger, a beer, popcorn, and ice cream tonight for dinner. I have a notebook from the last Occupy Lompoc meeting with 4 items on a “Shit to do” list: Theory of consensus presentation, DA trainings, lawyer meeting, and be funky.

This has been your (ir)regularly scheduled edition of a window into Steve’s life. Now with 100% less introspection.

I’ll be back, I swear.


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