Dear Friend

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I wrote a story for my friend Traci, and she had very nice things to say about it. I’m rather pleased with it too, if I do say so myself. You can read it here:

Traci is a fellow UCSC Creative Writer, and one of my favorite writers and people. I’m constantly blown away with her voice and style. Buy her book while you’re on her blog; it’s fantastic.

In other writing news, I’m giving nanowrimo another shot this year, against my better judgment. I’m 6 days in, 3,000 words behind, and it’s still already one of the longest, most substantive pieces I’ve ever written. Here’s the thing though: you’re probably never going to read it.

The novel I’m writing for nanowrimo is erotica. Well, fetish erotica, really. And while I’m aware of the argument that it’s a liberatory experience to be able to wear your kinks on your sleeve, I’m not sure I want to. Our subculture really seems to fetishize our fetishes, and sometimes I feel—not shamed, exactly, but like I have to defend myself if I’d prefer to keep my sexuality intimate and private.

I understand that this is a privilege not afforded to people whose sexual preferences, such as their attraction to people of the same gender, can’t be hidden without denying themselves the happiness of an open and honest relationship. Maybe someday I’ll feel the same way about my kinks, and I’ll find the need to “come out”. In the meantime, I’m really quite happy with my sexuality being the business of me and any partner I might have, and nobody else.

If I actually do finish this novel and you want to read it, go find some really good porn. Something you’re into. Enjoy it completely. If you want to pretend I wrote it, that’s fine. You can tell me about your enjoyment of it, or not.


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