Fifty-two letters until twenty twelve.

September 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is your chance to be penpals with the world’s worst penpal.

Over the next 52 weeks I am setting a target to write 52 letters — to friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, whoever.

The letter may be one sentence. It may be ten pages. But it will be written to you specifically and directly, even if I don’t actually know you very well anymore, or if I never did in the first place.

Letters will be sent by sent by mail whenever possible, by email if not. All letters must be delivered to count towards the 52. And yes, I totally stole this idea from Traci and her successful bid to read 52 books in a year.

52 is a very small number, really. I have 454 friends on facebook, so even if I wrote only to friends, your chances of getting a letter are something like one in nine. This process is going to be pretty random, so even though there are people out there who I know I owe letters to, you likely won’t get them during this stretch, or ever.

Sorry, I did say I was the world’s worst penpal.

And since I’m the world’s worst penpal, you don’t have to respond to my letter. I probably won’t respond to your response, if you send one. But if you do respond to my letter, I will read it. I’ll probably tell you I want to write a response, or even that I’m working on it. These are almost certainly going to be lies. Remember, I’m the world’s worst penpal.

That said, if I ask for your mailing address sometime soon, please give it to me.


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